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Needs List for Unconference

#1 A Volunteer to put together a play list of songs that will be played. Women Empowerment songs- This can be done via iTunes, spotify (there are some of these playlists created but will need to be sorted through). Playlist for Sunday (fun songs) when we are putting items together for the women in nursing homes


#2 A Volunteer to collect and inventory clothing from different branches and era’s. I will put out the request, I would like one person to be main POC.


#3 A Volunteer to assist with calling and deciding which hospitals, nursing homes we will be donating items to.


#4 Do you know of a military veteran vendor that would be interested in selling their wares at the concert/party Saturday night. April 17th. Space is limited. Potential of 2500 attendees


#5 Looking for 4 ladies that would be interested in participating in color guard. There will be practice/training beforehand. This would be part of the opening session. Update looking for 3 ladies


#6 A Volunteer to collect photos from Women Veterans. I will put out the request. I would like one person to be main POC.


#7 Sponsors, Raffle prizes for Welcome Reception and during Saturday and Giveaways (300) needed for Unconference. If you are going to reach out to organizations, please let me know name of organization, as we do not want multiple people calling on the same company. Click here for sponsor letter/levels


#8 A volunteer to put a history of women that served for each branch


#9 Looking for 10 boxes, bins that we can use for our collection drive January 4th-29th for the items for women vets that are in nursing homes etc. If you have location that would be interested as a designated collection location, please let me know


#10 Women Veteran uniforms from all branches and eras


#11 Singers, Bands & Comedians  for Saturday Night- “Salute to Women Veterans”


#12 Non women veterans to assist during the 3 day event- 


#13 Band or singer for roaring 20’s era


#14 Need  Photos from Woman Veterans- photos emailed to


#15 Volunteer “Leads” for specific logistic help


#16 Yoga Mats- 100


Stay Tuned, there will be more……



Please contact me if there is something of interest.


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