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“Women veterans have to stand up and empower each other. We can not wait for the government or whomever to do it, we are the force that can make the change" 

~Melissa Washington, WVA Founder


When people think of veterans, they usually don't think about the countless women that have also  made the sacrifice to serve.  What is troubling, is the women that have served that do not consider themselves a veteran.  The reasons :

  1. Veterans are from the Vietnam era
  2. Did not serve in combat
  3. Never left CONUS (Continental United States)
  4. "Just" did 2 or 3 years
  5. Was in during peace time
  6. Was told I am not a veteran

Ladies, if you served in the military, you are veteran.  

WVA Aug 2015 Meeting (37)There are so many programs and resources that are available out there for women veterans that are under utilized because women do not self identify as Veterans.

Women Veterans Alliance  was started in 2015 as there was not an organization locally that was providing a way for local women veterans to connect with each other. We are a grass roots effort that is making a change in women veterans lives!  We still have a long way to go, but if we can all stand up and empower each other we can get there a lot quicker.

The purpose of WVA  is to: Empower Women Veterans: networking, career and professional development and mentorship for women that have served and are currently serving.

general sessionLet's help each other, whether we got out 25 years ago or yesterday.

Yearly Membership Effective January 1st, 2017:

  1. $30 students & retirees
  2. $50 Active Duty
  3. $75 working
  4. $100 business owners
  5. $300 Lifetime - Payment arrangements can be made.
  6. Scholarship program for 1 year

One time registration fee $25

WVA Membership Benefits:

Camaraderie with other women veterans Be a part of the Movement!
Access to private Facebook group Women Veterans Alliance Member- Car Sticker
WVA Gear 10% Free Member Webinars with Guest Experts
Members Only Resources Frequent Updates
Membership includes all chapters  Access to full WVA member directory
 *Complimentary admission to Mix & Mingles (4 per year) *Area monthly event (7 per year) with educational speaker
Discount to National WVA Unconference held twice a year to include:

  • Members-Only lounge
  • Members-Only meet and greet
  • Members-Only book signing line
  • Members-Only preferred seating
Business Owners:

Complimentary listing on  Women Veterans Exchange (WX )

*Free vendor table at all Mix & Mingles & Unconference

Your business promoted on social media and in email updates

*These are available if a chapter is operating in your area

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