Spring Unconference Information - Women Veterans Alliance

Spring Unconference Information

Spring 2017 March 24 – 26


Attendee Comments

Your event was  educational, enlightening and amazing.

The women attending the conference are my Sheroes.

I’ve connected with several since the event.

Thanks you for making this happen. It was life empowering and changing.

Your organization, management, resources, speakers, services….you are right..you were born to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was an unconference…why?  The energy, spirit, passion, and comraderies of sisters in arms made it that way.  It was fun, educational, and most of all it met the needs of today’s women veterans.

You not only are a wonderful educator, advocate, veteran partner, but your sincerity and grass roots hands on display of action not words is remarkable!