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Nevada County

Meets: Meets the 3rd Tuesday on:

February 20th, March 20th, May 15th, June 19th, August 21st, September 18th, November 20th

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Chapter Director – Yesenia Perez, U.S. Army Veteran

My name is Yesenia Perez. I served from 2008-2012 as an Army Cook, Machine Gunner, and Human Resources Specialist. I am the first member of my family to serve in the military.

When I left the military, my life was completely different from my previous experiences. I no longer had steady work, I was married, and had an eight-month old child. I decided to return to college and completed my Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Human Resources.

I was afraid of failing and felt like I was alone in my journey since I no longer had the camaraderie I had grown accustomed to during my military service. Women Veterans Alliance has encouraged me to take part in the growing network of Women helping each other to succeed. I struggled to find resources, that I feel should be readily available to all Veterans, and I hope to become a resource myself, for my fellow Women Veterans through their transition from the military

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