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Contact: Amy Stevens
Other PO Box 672853 Marietta Georgia 30006 Work Phone: (470) 308-6946
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Organization Info

Georgia Military Women is a women only social and professional networking club. We are not a non-profit. We do not have a bank account or formal leaders. We are not a therapeutic support group. No drama, politics, religion or fund-raising in the group. We just are a collaboration of numerous other groups of women in Georgia who know what it is like to serve. We offer lots of information about events and benefits. We especially like “freebies” and will let you know as soon as we know! We host a monthly meet up breakfast and a dinner in the Atlanta area. We have other groups that meet up sporadically. We allow any other group to post their events as long as it is not fund-raising and costs are clearly indicated. Women from other states and non-veteran women with a military connection may also join. So come be a friend and find a friend among your sisters. Welcome aboard.

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Meeting Location & Date

Locations and dates varies. We usually have a monthly breakfast and dinner meeting in the Atlanta area. Check events tab in the Facebook group. If you would like to be on a monthly email list, please send an email to: