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Contact: Lindsay Gargotto
Work 201 S Peterson Ave, Room 302 Louisville Kentucky 40206 Work Phone: (502) 489-0956
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Organization Info

Athena’s Sisters is a non-profit organization run by and for military women. We are offer a healing community for military women to support one another and advocate for the needs of our sisters. Our slogan is “Mind, heart and body wellness for all active duty and veteran women!” All of our programming is uniquely designed by veteran women. Our three main programs are: Operation Legacy, Operation Harmony, and AsSister. We also have monthly programming that our membership organizes that promotes sisterhood activities, such as dinner nights out, afternoon museum visits, art projects, family picnics in the park, and many other activities.

Operation Legacy: is a week-end creative storytelling retreat for military women. The retreat is facilitated by military women leaders in safe space with 12-15 participants using a mixture of visual arts and creative writing techniques to share our stories of resilience.

Operation Harmony: is a self-care workshop open to all military women to promote active participation in her health care and to maximize her health and well-being. During our one-day workshop, we sample a variety alternative and complementary health therapies focused on healing the mind, body and heart. Each workshop offers strategies and tools to manage stress, increase self-awareness, and improve health. We offer options available in our community as well as options that are easily integrated into everyday life.

AsSister: is our case management/peer support program that addresses the barriers military women are facing in receiving family, mental, and physical health services. We work with veteran women who are homeless, who need assistance in home repairs, child care, education, etc., and provide support for women accessing mental or physical health care (for example: other than honorable discharges, guard/reserve without active duty time).

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Meeting Location & Date

Crescent Hill Methodist Church
201 S. Peterson Ave, Room 304
Louisville, KY 40206

Meeting Dates Change – Please see website / facebook calendar for dates & locations